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About FAO

We are a Full-Service Guide Service covering all your fishing and hunting needs in South Florida



For me, after years of fishing and hunting for myself. I find the biggest joy in monitoring someone else that may have never been able to do it without some help. I was once there, and I know how hard it can be to find and learn these things, even from a guide. I was yelled at and scorned for not knowing. Now I know how I would want to be treated and what not to do. MY motto is positive and informative and exciting!

I hope to be able to share the outdoors with you soon!

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Captain Michael grew up in a fishing family in South Florida, spending lots of time fishing in the Florida Keys and South Florida coast. In 2008 he moved out to Texas and owned a new home/remodeling business. The business was doing really great, but it never made him truly happy. One morning he was invited on a hunting trip for the first time, and he was hooked! Later that night after the hunt, he talked to his wife and explained the change that happened to him. He now knew what his calling was. The Outdoors!


Michael had to form a plan for the future. What would he do with his business? How was his family going to move across the country to start over? After long talks, the Onega family decided it was time to dive in, and what better place than his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida? The rest is history!


Adventure & Experience

Adventure usually involves risk.  An exciting or remarkable experience like those that we offer will keep your blood flowing and feeling young! We live for adventure and are always looking for opportunities to get our clients an experience they will never forget.

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Sunset Fishing

Safety First

It is best to avoid any unnecessary risks and make sure that that you stay safe. Being careful and paying attention to detail on every guided tour, hunt, and charter is our main priority. We welcome those of any age or experience level to join on the adventure. 

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